Why do you say “faster, simpler, better?”

Because once mastering the technique, you do not need an elaborate recipe. Usually, you can make the preparations quickly, and they will taste much better, and fresher than what you could buy commercially. For example, making mayonnaise takes barely more time than getting the jar of Hellman’s, and instead of soybean oil, water, vinegar and calcium disodium EDTA, you will have fresh lemon juice, your choice of oil, and no additives.

Why are sauces so versatile?

Once you can make the “mother” sauce, you can add simple ingredients to it to produce an infinite variety of elegant sauces.

Why not just buy sauce or other preparations?

Most often, it is impossible to produce most sauces commercially without such profound alterations that the only thing in common with the homemade version is the name. There are however, commercial preparations which may be acceptable or even better than homemade ingredients–a common example is a French baguette.

What should I wear?

Be sure to bring an apron  or wear whatever you would wear in your own kitchen (down-scale casual).

I’ve heard that you can save a dry piece of chicken with a great sauce. Will I learn to do this?

No, but you will hear us rail against such ideas. Sauces are made to enhance a meal, not to hide defects.