G L E N N  M I L L E R is the principal teacher has  been seriously interested in cooking for thirty years.  He has attended multiple cooking courses or classes with many outstanding teachers or chefs (such as Paula Wolfert, Michel Richard,  Mimetta LoMonte, Madeline Kamman, Olwen Woodier, Carol Mason and others).    He has had a short-lived career as a published food critic: one  restaurant review in the Post’s  Sunday magazine.

When not cooking, Glenn is a practicing psychiatrist.  He is also a professor at George Washington University Medical Center and  at Georgetown Law School.   In this course, he combines his knowledge of sauces with his long teaching experience to make learning about sauces interesting and accessible.

M I T C H  B E R L I N E R is a consultant to the course.   He has been at the cutting edge of the food world since the early 70’s, a leader in making Washington a world-class food market. He is well-known because of Berliner Foods, which brought premium food products to Washington.  He has  long been involved with restaurants, including acting as a consultant, developing products, and supplying epicurean preparations for restaurants like Jean-Louis.

Mitch is involved with professional, civic, and charitable organizations, and has been honored by many of them.  Presently, he is  a principal of the Central Farm Markets in the Washington area.